Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wave Battle! Ride On!

Did I mention I like Aqua Force? Because I'm quite fond of Aqua Force. Various causes have always kept the clan from being top dog - lacking support quality, control mechanics, etc. - but the G era is looking to change that, and I have to say I'm excited.

At the forefront of it all is Couple Dagger Sailor, who throws out everything that was wrong with the Storm Riders and Legion support. For a mere CB1, you have a generic 11K beater that can enable more attacks and doesn't care about the name or status of your Vanguard. It's what the clan has wanted ever since the Break Ride block began.

Whirlwind Brave Shooter sports some rather fitting flavor text. It's also another first for Aqua Force, as they've always lacked G1s that can force shield without regard to the opponent's formation. The potential unflip is pretty negligible, though.

Diamantes wishes he had the utility that Max brings to the table.

And the recently unveiled Savas hits a lot of good notes. Your first through third battles typically knock out the front row, and the fourth will now force your opponent to off one of their own boosters. Should you be without Stride fodder, he's a very solid pressure unit in his own right with bonus crit and Grade 0 prevention.

We're really at the tip of the iceberg, too. We've yet to see any G Units, Forerunner, skill Stand trigger, or the anticipated Amber clone, all of which are liable to be significant forward pushes in much the same way.

The Maelstrom deck is about to return from the dead. I can feel it. Legion not so much, if Michael and Milos are any indication.

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