Sunday, December 28, 2014

Marine General, Tidal Bore Dragon and Flower Princess of Spring Color, Arborea

Because my words must be thrown in my face no less than twelve hours down the line, the G Units featured in G Trial Decks 3 and 4 saw their official reveal in a commercial that aired during last night's episode.

On the Neo Nectar side of things, there are no surprises. A straightforward on-hit cloning of one of the units you already have in play is going to put in work, even if you should select something of the boosting nature (due to the +2K buff). Actually, odds are that's what you're gonna do above all else since front row dies hard and fast.

But Aqua Force is another story. This guy is odd. For starters, he reduces the generally required battle count by one, meaning he's online even with the most paltry of fields. You then generate hard advantage out of the hit! I suppose that makes sense since this is intended to be the "setup" boss, the first Stride play, but the concept is incredibly foreign for the clan all the same. To make things even more interesting, it lets you call a card from hand, which can lead into a fourth attack if you weren't capable of it before. What does that mean? Ding ding ding, Savas is online and retiring. The two compliment each other, generating a Maelstrom-like effect. And given that the deck is probably going to run 12 stands, opponents will likely catch on and let Tidal Bore Dragon hit just about every time to keep their own losses to a minimum. Nice! (Now just think of all the sweet sweet pluses he can make alongside Marios :x)

It won't belong until we know everything in G-TD03/04.

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