Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm on a Rampage! the 3rd: Spike Brothers

So how 'bout them Superb Owl commercials?

...yeah I thought so too. Anyway, it's time to close out my review of The RECKLESS RAMPAGE by visiting one of the game's oldest clans, the resident extreme sports professionals, Spike Brothers.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Eagle, Y U NO POST?!

I've been busy, okay?

Gaining swag, mostly. Somehow I don't think I'm gonna make rank 1 by the end of the beta, but seeing as all the players at rank 1 and 2 I've run into so far have disconnected instead of taking losses legitimately like I've been, I'm not gonna be too beat up about that.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I'm on a Rampage! Pt. 2: Nubatama

At this point we've basically solidified the theory that Vanguard's true ninjas only receive support once every two years and any and all power creep is made in an effort to prepare every other clan for the incoming Nubatama cards. Gotta maintain that balance!

...seriously though, The RECKLESS RAMPAGE offers the strangest mixed bag for Mr. Mark's saikyou strongest clan.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dank Beta

Well, the Cardfight!! Online closed beta seems to be working well enough despite my grievances with the engine. In the process of trying to snag more cards to dust for OTT junk so I can at least try to extreme fight with it, but it's slow going.

Nubatama article soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Well I guess I should have expected this, but geez, this wait is gonna be immense.

See you on CFO Beta tomorrow, folks.

I'm on a Rampage! Part 1: Tachikaze

Vanguard G's first Technical Booster is upon us. The RECKLESS RAMPAGE features promising cards for Nubatama, Tachikaze, and Spike Brothers decks both new and old, and while it's uncertain just how prominent any one deck in particular will be in the competitive field, a few things are undeniable. Each of these clans possess a lot of power and maddening combo potential. So without further adieu, let's start the examinations with everyone's favorite dinosaurs.

Cardfight!! Online

Wave 2 beta codes go out tonight, it seems. Excited? I know I am. Even if I didn't make the list, I'm curious to see what tweaks they've made to the engine and card pool after a week of testing and review.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just Shoot Me

I may just hold off on discussing G-BT06 until the whole thing spoils. Wouldn't want to take it piecemeal without knowing the whole picture in regards to the contents, especially not after G-BT05 proved that commons can completely revolutionize a concept.

Today I want to talk Angel Feather. A rogue until it managed to win the North American continentals in a sea of (mostly Shadow) Paladins, the G-era deck proved its worth to the masses and has seen a steady growth in popularity. It's even gotten new toys since then - namely Love Sniper, Nociel. And boy did she ever fix the driving force behind why people may not have wanted to play Angel Feather! With two skills that can be used unhindered by Generation Break, the new deck gained mid game potential that's sorely needed these days. Take a look.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pot o' Gold

Spoilers run rampant as of late, but screw your Spectral Blaster Diablos and your G-ranblues for a moment (just a moment, I promise, I'll get to those soon enough!) and check out the deets on G-SD02: Knight of the Sun.

*52 card pre-constructed deck featuring Taiyou's Gold Paladins
*19 types of cards in the main deck, 14 new and 5 reprint (plus 2 copies of a new G Unit)
*Among the new cards are units with the "Unite" ability, as well as 2 perfect guards
*Among the reprints are Gurguit, Golboduc, and Flame of Victory with new art
*something about fewer RRR cards compared to TDs, but who cares
*Clan Card
*Fight Guide
*1 PR "Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon" included
*All for 500yen + Tax
*On sale April

Holy shit the value.

I've been looking forward to the expansion of this particular paladin flavor for awhile now, having appreciated the new design space Gurguit and friends explored. Done a lot of speculation in regards to how his "second-wave clones" would work. I suppose that's neither here nor there given the imminent shoehorning of buzzwords, but to see it all happen in such an affordable and convenient package is insane. The new precedent for reprints is mind-numbing too. Time Dergs, now Bling Knights... who could be next?!

Now to be fair, it wouldn't surprise me if the contents ended up entirely uninspired and less than competitive. Given how the tech booster went over, though? I think I'll maintain cautious optimism.

This post is for the birds


eGale ranted about pointless bullshit, posted a lot of theory-oh in regards to decks and upcoming releases, occasionally talked about game rules, gave knee-jerk reactions to news, and expressed many terrible opinions!


Absolutely nothing changes!

So I didn't exactly go anywhere, but anyone who knows me is probably familiar with the circular nature through which my interests flow and just how much that can affect my motivation and attention span in regards to upkeep for personal projects such as this blog. Apologies are due.

That said, I'm in a fairly good mood regarding Vanguard a year into the G era. Most new decks (and old decks that have received new cards, for that matter) are fun, even for the clans I spit toxins at in the past. News flow is more frequent and consistent than it used to be as well, so there's plenty to talk about on any day of the week.

Stay tuned.