Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This post is for the birds


eGale ranted about pointless bullshit, posted a lot of theory-oh in regards to decks and upcoming releases, occasionally talked about game rules, gave knee-jerk reactions to news, and expressed many terrible opinions!


Absolutely nothing changes!

So I didn't exactly go anywhere, but anyone who knows me is probably familiar with the circular nature through which my interests flow and just how much that can affect my motivation and attention span in regards to upkeep for personal projects such as this blog. Apologies are due.

That said, I'm in a fairly good mood regarding Vanguard a year into the G era. Most new decks (and old decks that have received new cards, for that matter) are fun, even for the clans I spit toxins at in the past. News flow is more frequent and consistent than it used to be as well, so there's plenty to talk about on any day of the week.

Stay tuned.

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