Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm on a Rampage! Part 1: Tachikaze

Vanguard G's first Technical Booster is upon us. The RECKLESS RAMPAGE features promising cards for Nubatama, Tachikaze, and Spike Brothers decks both new and old, and while it's uncertain just how prominent any one deck in particular will be in the competitive field, a few things are undeniable. Each of these clans possess a lot of power and maddening combo potential. So without further adieu, let's start the examinations with everyone's favorite dinosaurs.

Tachikaze received 3 new G Units in this set: Destruction Tyrant, Twintempest at GR, Absolute Ruler, Gluttony Dogma at RRR, and Destructive Equipment, Hammer Gewalt at R. All have earned places across the various Tachikaze G Zones, addressing different situations alongside the established Destruction Tyrant, Archraider and Super Ancient Dragon, Pearly Titan.

Twintempest is decidedly a 1-of; its ability its costly, the GB2 restriction is a bit of a downer, and all in all it's fairly rare that you'll ever be presented with a situation where the hefty double-edged blow will cripple your opponent enough to squeeze out a win you might not have gotten otherwise.

Gluttony Dogma, when not faced with the potential to have its rear-guards locked, is one of the scariest standing Vanguards to date. It doesn't cost any counterblasts and can even drive check 5 times in all so long as you're able to feed it the 5 rear-guards. What's more, the use of various cards like Gaia, Baby Camara, Skyptero, and Iguanogorg can help mitigate the minus on your end and generate even more attacks. The synergy is immense. You're probably not going to get more than one shot as using it, though, so it seems best to keep Dogma at 2 and save your G Zone space for lower maintenance cards.

Hammer Gewalt offers a catch-all method of retiring as many of your own cards as you want to set off various abilities, probably gaining more attacks in the process, while knocking out a pesky front row rear-guard on your opponent's end. It's not quite as powerful as Archraider, and being unable to knock out a grade 1 can be a bit of an issue, but that's the price one pays for it being a better team player.

Oh right, speaking of Gewalt and Gaia and all that, the Tachikaze keyword Engorge is just a repeat of what they've always done; consume each other to inappropriately touch their opponent. It makes for an interesting experiment as a complete deck, what with having self-bouncing perfect guards and a clone of Silent Tom, but as with most G era builds it's a bit slow on the uptake and a little too combo dependent to make up for it with burst advantage when it starts striding. The forerunner and stride leader do some pretty silly things together, though. I've always missed Conroe in Kagero. Getting to use it 2-3 times in a game in Tachikaze? Unbelievable. Jigsawsaurus is probably the most potent amber clone to date that doesn't focus on generating more units, and Tank Mammoth is silly in any deck that isn't dedicated to some sort of Ancient Dragon boss.

Those guys got a handful of new toys, too, for the record. And by those guys I mean Spinodriver. Jesus fucking Christ. Hit by an early game crit? No problem, just swing at your opponent's Grade 2 Vanguard 6 times to teach them a lesson. Not dead yet? First stride Pearly Titan for a 46K 2 crit attack!

Sample list for the giggles:

1 Ancient Dragon, Babyrex (FV)
4 Ancient Dragon, Orinthhealer [HEAL]
4 Ancient Dragon Flame Maiden [CRITICAL]
4 Ancient Dragon, Dinodile [CRITICAL]
4 Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo [DRAW]

3 Prism Bird
3 Ancient Dragon, Iguanogorg
3 Ancient Dragon, Nodtank
4 Ancient Dragon, Paraswall

4 Ancient Dragon, Dinocrowd
4 Ancient Dragon, Hypnohang
3 Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite

4 Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver
3 Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando
2 Ancient Dragon, Tyrannolegend

2 Absolute Ruler, Gluttony Dogma
1 Destruction Tyrant, Twintempest
2 Destruction Tyrant, Archraider
1 Destructive Equipment, Hammer Gewalt
2 Ancient Dragon, Pearly Titan

Aaand I've run out of words regarding these things. Have fun guys.

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