Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just Shoot Me

I may just hold off on discussing G-BT06 until the whole thing spoils. Wouldn't want to take it piecemeal without knowing the whole picture in regards to the contents, especially not after G-BT05 proved that commons can completely revolutionize a concept.

Today I want to talk Angel Feather. A rogue until it managed to win the North American continentals in a sea of (mostly Shadow) Paladins, the G-era deck proved its worth to the masses and has seen a steady growth in popularity. It's even gotten new toys since then - namely Love Sniper, Nociel. And boy did she ever fix the driving force behind why people may not have wanted to play Angel Feather! With two skills that can be used unhindered by Generation Break, the new deck gained mid game potential that's sorely needed these days. Take a look.

1 Black Candle, Azrael [FV]
4 Sunny Smile Angel [HEAL]
4 Critical Hit Angel [CRITICAL]
4 Happy Bell, Nociel [STAND]
4 Doctroid Refros [STAND]

4 Thousand Ray Pegasus
2 Black Call, Nakir
4 Pure Keeper, Requiel
4 Battle Cupid, Nociel

4 Nurse of Broken Heart
2 Million Ray Pegasus
4 Love Machine Gun, Nociel
1 Dreamlight Unicorn

4 Love Sniper, Nociel
4 Black Shiver, Gavrail

4 Holy Seraph, Raphael
1 Holy Seraph, Raziel
2 Holy Seraph, Nociel
1 Snow Element, Blizza

There's a bit of deviation from the established Gavrail-centric deck. For starters, the trigger lineup has shifted to accommodate Happy Bell, Nociel as a valuable enabler for Love Sniper. It's not a bad deal since the rear guard lanes get big mclarge huge anyway, dealing hefty blows even through a hand filled with sentinels. Battle Cupid and Love Machine Gun have also been bumped up to 4 from their previous station of 2. Other than that it's pretty much the same driving strategy. Swap cards around, get really big both offensively and defensively, filter the deck to a point of being majority triggers, abuse heal buffers, so on and so forth. Sniper in tandem with Cupid and Broken Heart can even lead to some pretty ridiculous developments where you guard your way through a turn and end up with more cards in your hand than when it started. Her effects can snowball just as hard as Refros alone is known to.

Nevermind combining them... jebus.

With the anime turning back towards the United Sanctuary branch, I'm fairly curious about whether or not we'll see the return of Rin and further expansion of the clan in G-BT07. Not quite as much as I'd like to see considerable Genesis buffs from Shouma, but still!

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