Monday, December 22, 2014

Meaningless fantasies of what the future brings

So while the hype surrounding Roar of the Galaxy is real and all well and good minus the implication that Commander Laurel is going to become more and more cancerous, it got me wondering about what's going to happen with the remainder of the clans during the G era.

We have an established pattern wherein generic cards take up most of the space in any given set, where previously established archetypes are thrown a couple bones here and there to reshape how they perform. Mileage naturally varies in terms of where those old decks end up in the format. However, it means we can make reasonable predictions in regards to what's coming over the course of the next year.

Narukami is in a tough spot, because front row hate has gotten progressively weaker as the life of the game drags on. However, Descendant offers a nice fall back option, and any +crit G-Units would suit a build around him just fine. As of yet I have a hard time imagining what their GB1 support is going to be like, because Kagero really kind of got the best of it already. I can't say my expectations are too high after the less than stellar Dragonic Kaiser Crimson.

Both Shadow Paladin and Gold Paladin have nothing to worry about; they'll almost certainly be top contenders out of the gates.

Link Joker doesn't need much of an upgrade to be relevant and non-game breaking, as the Legion era proved. I am wary they could go a little too far, though. If, for example, we have an Infinite Zero Dragon-like G-Unit, Chaos Breaker Dragon could make a big comeback and bend the game over backwards again. More so if the clan is handed some soul charge support.

Aqua Force is looking to get greater reward for their multi-attack gimmick in addition to the ability to land hits more easily. This is good, but of course we have to wait and see how they ultimately stack up. The presence of a trial deck is typically a good sign, though.

Bermuda Triangle will likely have a field day, as the standard Stride Enabling Grade 1 (Steam Breath Dragon, etc.) has that much more flexibility when augmented by the bounce mechanic. Field scaling and control hate will be at an all time high. I just hope their finishing power isn't too amazing if they're going to stack up to be anything like OTT advantage-wise.

Great Nature is getting cheaper costs and higher rewards, probably no issues there aside from low popularity.

Aaand that covers everything that's been confirmed so far, but I'm kinda hyped for Granblue's expansion as well. Freelance discards to set up the drop zone and go to town sound sweet. And since they never had an archetype in the first place, it's not like they're losing out on any of their current toys to use the new support.

Here's hoping for announcements on the likes of Angel Feather, Nubatama, Dark Irregulars, and so forth soon.

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