Friday, December 26, 2014


Genesis as a clan bothers me in many ways. It displaced OTT. It's entrenched in Limit Break. It's Vanguard centric to a greater extent than Dimension Police, and it's generally less rewarding at that. It's loaded with incomplete themes. It's difficult to predict additions to as well, because the only rule is "Soul Blast". But time and time again I find myself trying to work with what the clan has and looking forward to what it will one day receive. Maybe it's the aesthetic, maybe it's the name... or perhaps more likely is that it appeals to my fondness of a deck with many moving parts, even if none of the parts actually do so without the okay from the big cheese.

We have Waltz of the Goddess to thank for the highly adaptable Regalia engine, which focuses on reloading soul selectively from the drop zone rather than randomly from the deck and does so free of charge, offset by the need for minor setup. The PR card Hesperis is even free of any naming restrictions, allowing any Vanguard that soul blasts prior to attacking to be an on-hit death machine.

Several months ago I used this knowledge to build a nifty little number, and with any luck it'll see a G era update soon.

1 Vivid Rabbit
4 Regalia Heals
4 Regalia Crits
4 Battle Maiden, Kukurihime
4 Regalia Draws

4 Witch of Frogs, Melissa
4 Regalia Shiny Angel
3 Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada
1 Regalia Svalinn
1 Existence Angel

4 Witch of Ravens, Chamomile
4 Regalia Hesperis
4 Regalia of Midday, Hemera

4 Eternal Goddess, Iwanagahime
4 Regalia of Midnight, Nyx

8 Generic G Units

In essence, it's the fastest any Genesis deck can be, starting to threaten the opponent from the moment a Grade 3 is ridden rather than having to wait for Limit Break or Legion conditions. You stand to gain quite a lot of advantage yourself, too.

The deck comes up short due to lack of actual push, though. I've been contemplating new builds with Minerva, but... no satisfactory products yet.

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