Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Locking around the Christmas Tree

Tis the season to show old Ebenezer Scrooge how things are done.

1 Star-vader, Robin Knight
4 Star-vader Heals
12 Star-vader Crits

4 Neon
4 Volt Line
4 Promethium
2 Ganoweck

4 Radon
4 Photon
2 Colony Maker
1 Sword Viper

4 Venom Dancer
4 Garnet Star Dragon

8 G Units

If nothing else, this has proven entertaining and I have quite a lot of faith in where it's going to go post G update. Link Joker is going to have to play aggressively in order to keep up with the rest of the game, and this is pretty much the premier means of doing so. Go full ham and lock as many as possible while still leaving enough CB open to stand your entire field, wailing on the opponent until they've lost too much to recover.

Garnet is likely to be replaced by the inevitable on-Stride Infinite Zero Dragon clone. The rest, I'm not so sure - an on-attack Lock GB1 unit could probably be of service, but it's never going to usurp Photon's position in the deck. Here's hoping we can get a forerunner than can act reasonably quickly too. :/

Atom Router was a cool idea for tech, but it just wasn't working out the way I'd hoped, so I've added the Deletor Luck Bird clone in order to speed things up a tad. And no, it's not going to screw especial CBs or "suck" just because Colony can't call it.

More to come later maybe. It's not like there's much for me to do on a Christmas day. lol

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