Monday, December 29, 2014

This is a shocking development ~degozaru

I actually forgot about Nubatama for awhile, including the fact that they got an additional LB4 boss by way of Fighters Collection 2014, a PR Legion Pair, and most importantly, a PR Critical Trigger to help round out their options. They've all been rather gargantuan improvements on an individual basis. Together, though? They're something else.

1 Stealth Beast, Kuroko
4 Heal
8 Crit
4 Stand

4 Sakurafubuki
3 Fuuki
3 Dreadmaster
4 Mijingakure

4 Tamahagane
4 Kokujyo
4 Daranicongo

4 Mantoracongo
3 other G3s
(I used 2 Kabukicongo and a Voidmaster since I was a bit iffy on the discard cost of Yozakuracongo and didn't figure the break ride would synergize too well)

8 generic G Units

Daranicongo causes something of a chain reaction; the deck is less reliant on Kuroko's survival and as a result is far more stable in achieving its goals. Bonus points for being a solid standalone beater.

Mantoracongo ups the ante by delivering an extremely deadly finisher that doesn't require putting yourself in a position that will kill you.

And of course more crits means you get to the end game scenario faster and finish more reliably, which was a huge problem for prior builds.

Striding is kind of neither here nor there unless the opponent is playing risky enough to turn off all your skills, though.

G era support would perhaps be a bit much for the game to handle. @_@

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  1. I'm using a very similar build at the moment, it's got a fantastic W/L ratio. I'm not even sure I've even used Mandoracongo's effect yet, the 8 Critical, Legion and Dreadmaster alone cause a slew of headaches.

    The only thing I'm not sold on is the Stand. It's useful at times, but I'm not sure it's completely useful vs a Draw Trigger, given the deck has no advantage system.