Wednesday, December 24, 2014


On the English side of the news today, the Legion Mate dub isn't happening and Cardfight Vanguard G debuts on January 4th. It's kind of funny considering that the Legion Campaign notice advertised the Legion Mate arc as upcoming. Oh well, nothing of value is being lost considering the conclusion just puts us back where we are right now anyway. Minus Link Joker having been accepted by Cray anyhow.

G Trial Decks 1-3 release February 27th. G-BT01 lands March 13th.

It's a bit silly that I'm just noticing this now, but the G era logos have gotten the Buddyfight treatment, completely redesigned with all English text. I had gotten kind of fond of the hybrid thing, though. Too bad. =(

At any rate, our "lag" relative to the Japanese format will be roughly three months, much more reasonable than it has been in years past. It may even be shrinking some more, depending.

...of course, I don't play any of the TD clans, so I can't exactly roll in value yet. Ackwa Farce when?

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