Sunday, December 28, 2014


Stepping away from the Saver of things and Jewel Knight zerg rush for a moment...

1 Wingal Brave
4 Heal
8-12 Crit
0-4 Margal

4 Marron
4 new 8K who's name escapes me
4 Holy Knight Guardian
2 Kay/other filler

4 Blaster Blade
4 Blaster Dark
4 Starlight Violinist

4 Majesty Lord Blaster
2 Solitary Knight, Gancelot
1 Soul Saver Dragon

4 Vague Sacred Knight, Gablade
4 Saint Blow Dragon

Let's just sit down and look at this.

It's a defensive deck that aims to tank through the game by way of high defense at all grades while simultaneously catapulting the opponent into the late game, where they become Saint Blow fodder (or stride fodder in general, I mean, Atmos is probably better than Gablade in this build). Wingal, if not occupied with Blaster fetch duty, grabs a G3 to pitch for the big guns on turn 4 and beyond. It's a good deal IMO.

I've been considering a slight scaling back on Blade and Dark to include a couple of Blade Spirits as an expansion Violinist's flexibility and better ride options. There are some worthwhile G1 options to look at as well, such as Shotputter or Ladinas or even Pongal, who makes Soul Saver and Stride plays that much easier.

Even if not comparable on a competitive scale, it should at least make a nice budget option heading forward.

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