Monday, July 2, 2012

Super Bingo

Pegasus! Pegasus!

So yeah, I've hardly changed the initial BT07 Angel Feather deck list I came up with, but just so everyone knows where I'm at now:

G0 (17)

1 Hope Child, Turiel
4 Sunny Smile Angel
4 Critical Hit Angel
4 Rocket Dash Unicorn
4 Bouquet Toss Messenger

G1 (15)

4 Burst Shot, Bethnael
4 Thousand Ray Pegasus
4 Battle Cupid, Nociel
3 Pure Keeper, Requiel

G2 (10)

4 Core Memory, Armaros
4 Million Ray Pegasus
2 Doctoroid Megaros

G3 (8)

3 Chief Nurse, Shamsiel
2 Circular Saw, Kiriel
3 The Phoenix, Calamity Flame

I ultimately decided that a full perfect defense set was not worthwhile in this deck. Now before you call me crazy, here's the rationale:

- This grade ratio is set in stone. It can't be changed without throwing something out of whack, and as such I'm restricted to the maximum of 15 Grade 1s.

- 4 Bethnael and 4 Thousand Ray Pegasus are non-negotiable. They're integral to the winning image of the deck.

- Battle Cupid is an infinitely more flexible card. It toolboxes, it buffs your key units, and can even prevent missing grades all in one fell swoop.

Beyond that, I decided to add another Calamity Flame. It becomes a target before too long, and you'll need to be able to replace it in order to keep up your offense. Hurts a tad to ride it, but eh, the 5 Grade 3s that ideally occupy the Vanguard slot tend to be fine.

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