Saturday, July 14, 2012

Galaxy Stores Local Tournament - Week 10

It feels so glorious to screw up left and right all day... but at the very least I didn't get grade locked more than once. Q_Q

Took Granblue in again, modified from before so it can hit more significant numbers.

Round 1, vs. older nephew using younger nephew's deck

This came down to a rather obscure situation involving a 4 card hand with 2 nulls as well as two intercepts on board. The right move, after everything was said and done, was likely to give up the front row and play the Dancing Cutlass that I could have conserved. Instead I ended up burning the cutlass to keep an attacker I didn't ultimately need, then drive checked into nothing of importance for the loss.

Round 2, vs. Soul Saver RP

One trick pony and all that. Pendragon was present in the deck, but taking too much damage too early on certainly didn't help his case, especially since I was keeping my end to 3 so the Soul Savers ultimately couldn't push me. I'd say this deck would be a lot better off with Barron and more Pegasus Knights. It's dumb, actually, since I misplayed here too and won even so. (Deadly Spirit to soul blast out Skull Dragon and revive that for a 20K column).

Round 3, vs. Kiriel Angel Feather

I don't even remember if we had 3 games in this match or not. Stuck on grade 1 the entirety of the first game, with not a single grade 2 unit so much as leaving the deck. Ultimately, I did make a fatal error that I'll never stop kicking myself over - milling with Ruin Shade on turn 2 when I hadn't seen any triggers yet. Had I not, I'd have landed a crit as well as a defensive draw into a Samurai Spirit. I didn't even need the milling when I was set up to intercept with a unit to revive with Cocytus anyway...

Really off my game today. :/

A friend piloting Spike Brothers landed second place while a Spectral Duke Dragon deck took first (having used Duke like... once all day). That friend pulled a Lawkeeper, though. Went straight into the Kagero deck we have floating around.

Oh, and the younger nephew was playing CoCoBros today. Went well before the tourney, but he ragequit the deck after the fact. :v

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