Saturday, June 9, 2012

Galaxy Stores Local Tournament - Week 6

When will people learn to carry their commons and rares... a fair few of those things are necessary for their respective decks, and they're going to be wanted. It made finding Wiseman a royal pain in the ass today. :/

Anyway, I went in with Oracles, minus 1 Wiseman (in its place, I played 1 Security Guardian).

Round 1 - vs. Granblue

I believe this was his first time in the tourney for various reasons, but he knew how the game worked just fine. Well enough for Granblue, though? I couldn't say so... game 1 had me staring down a really scary crit that put me at 4 damage turn 3, but being the clutch cards that they are, Nike and Psychic Bird fired back on my own turn 3, landing him at 5 damage and basically sealing the fate of the game from there on out.

Game 2... I don't remember much about. It wasn't too special. Missed out on a bunch of trigs, but it didn't seem to matter. With all the pushing I was able to do in the mid game, my path to victory was clear. People like blocking Apollon...

Round 2 - vs. Oracle Think Tank

This was an unexpected match-up, to say the least. I had no problems cruising right through him, however, as conservative play simply does not work in the mirror match. Relentless swings from Tom, Mocha, Wiseman, and so forth never allowed Milk to make any significant impact. Meanwhile, he didn't appear to have Toms himself. Tough luck. I even got stuck on grade 2 for an extra turn in the second game, but the immense momentum I was able to build to me through to the end.

Round 3 - vs. Nova Grappler

Yeah, this teammate again. This time, though? +2 Asura Kaiser. And boy did those asspain me something fierce. Got knocked out here. Needless to say, I'm gonna have to study this match-up some more. It really, REALLY sucks to not have a 7K booster.

He went on to win in the finals, claiming his first victory. This time we managed to net a Wyvern Guard, Guld. Not bad.

The excruciating wait for Booster 3 continues. Or at least Circle Magus. I could deal with that. =(

Really, though, it was a good day. My older nephew got the Conroe he needed, the younger got 2 Llews to effectively complete his deck for the time being, and I went two rounds further with Oracles than the last time I played them. No shame.


  1. In galaxy's tourneys, are they round robin or just elimination? Also what are the prizes?

  2. We've been doing best-of-3 single elimination so far, but if we have the room and players next week, Brad is trying swiss. That being said, 1st has gotten 3 boosters of choice, and 2nd has gotten 2 boosters of choice in the 8-12 man tourneys we've had thus far. More has been promised for bigger turnouts (ie. 16).

    1. Alright cool, Ill be coming sometime July with a complete Spike Bro deck. XD