Saturday, June 2, 2012

Galaxy Stores Local Tournament - Week 5

This one was rather eventful. We had shaky beginnings, knowing not if we would get our eight players, but everything managed to come together. Now if only some certain other people would show on a regular basis, we could get 16 easily...

Round 1 - Overlord Unflip vs. CoCoBros

Teammate in the first round. Joy. Unable to counterblast with CoCo in the second game and suffering from grade lock in the first game, he couldn't get anything going. It was rather depressing since he sacked his way to the top with that very deck last week.

Round 2 - Overlord Unflip vs. Aleph Kagero

Knowing what I was up against, I took the wisest course of action in the first game and only made one swing on the first turn. Sadly, my opponent opened Aleph, Bahr, and Tahr altogether and had no need to burn a Conroe search. I staved off as many hits as I could early on in preparation for what I thought was the inevitable Overlord CB -> Aleph Unflip -> Aleph CB... but he went for a double Overlord CB instead! It turned a hopeless situation into one with a faint glimmer. I did what any seasoned player would and declared no guard. Genjo answered my prayers! With that, the game was mine.

Game two, my opponent got grade locked. He was eventually able to drop Aleph and superior ride the Embodiment of Victory whilst I was locked at grade 2 myself, but it was too little too late. My beefy columns that were in place from the outset ran him over.

Round 3 - Overlord Unflip vs. Budget Nova Grappler

There was some grade lock in here too someplace, but I forget what difference it truly made. I game three, my teammate makes the foolish mistake of dropping a column of two Red Lightning in an effort to make more attacks given his week hand. While he did get some attacks through, he was left unable to guard anything, and I dealt a solid four hits on my second turn. Some back-and-forth heals happened, but I came out on top rather comfortably.

We pulled five straight rares for our insolence again, but this time we ended up getting some pretty beastly trades. The Nova deck is far less budget now, sporting a full set of Azure Dragon, and the OTT base is coming together nicely. Twin Blader, Gust Jinn... and my nephew went and pulled Alfred and Iseult in the span of three packs. What a boss. I might end up playing Oracles next week if things go well!

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