Friday, June 29, 2012

Dark Irregulars post BT07

Doreen the Thruster has got to be one of the most retarded things ever now. Just think of all the ways she can be pumped - Alluring Succubus, Succubus of Decadence, Succubus of Coquetry, Yellow Bolt, G3 Amon, Dark Lord of the Abyss, Greedy Hand, Hysterical Shirley, Dark Knight of Nightmareland... that being said, the deck is REALLY solid now, able to crank out 20K+ columns the entire game, starting on turn 2. The opponent will be hard pressed to guard any of your attacks, which is really nice considering the overall low card presence DI have had in general. And it makes those 8 crits all the more terrifying!

Bladewing, Reggie proves to be fun, but even with all the new soul charging support (ie. Emblem Master), he's still too difficult to prepare without minusing yourself into oblivion. Oh well.

Beelzebub is fairly playable now too, but how well it'll stack up compared to the usual Dark Lord and Amon setup is not clear to me at this point.

Their megablast units and Death Anchor are basically things of the past.

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