Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I-I'm over here

On one hand, the spoilers popped up when expected. On the other, they were kind of the polar opposite of what I was expecting. Rather than dumping all of GBT02's foils on us, we got a bunch of (supposed) rares and commons instead. And it's a mixed bag of interesting for sure.

No Aqua Force deck will hurt for additional attacks again thanks to the new GB1 battle sirens. One is able to attack from the back row and gets bumped from 6K to 9K when she does, making her extremely flexible. The other totes Resist while turning anything she boosts into Tidal Assault for CB1 SB1. The trial deck stand trigger also swaps itself with any of your other RGs after it performs an attack, then shuffles itself back into the deck. The ultimate whiff!

Neo Nectar appears to be going the Dark Irregulars route, pumping all your clones to absurd levels of power immediately after you field them. Kind of a yawn fest, but I guess it's distinction enough from the paladins. Musketeers have been gifted a second critical trigger that also unflips 2 when called through a Musketeer effect. Crazy.

Great Nature has it pretty good with a second legion that generates even more advantage than the foxes as well as a cool phoenix of sorts for a G Unit. It gives +4K to two rear-guards when it attacks and retires them at the end phase.

Narukami claims a new identity - "Your stuff is gone forever!"

When your G Unit strides, Dragonic Vanquisher lets you CB1 to retire a unit in the front row and then bind it face-down. Their on-hit G Unit retires one of the opponent's choice, then has you bind two cards in their drop zone face-down. Granblue beware! Link Joker must by mad that their manga gimmick was stolen, though.

Gear Chronicle and Royal Paladin evidently don't exist.

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