Thursday, January 1, 2015


Pause for a moment to consider what Granblue, if given the bare minimum, will be capable of with G era support.

On-stride CB1 revive one Grade 3

Regardless of where the GB2 ends up going, this is strong. Real strong. Lack of being repeatable is what made Pinot Noir unimpressive to most, and that's alleviated here.

Stride enabling/On-stride fetching Grade 1

You secure the ideal ride whilst simultaneously loading the drop zone for it next turn. That ability to discard any card is quite absurd.

On-hit revive one G Unit

Stronger than Royal Paladin's Gablade by far.

GB1 on-boost revive one Grade 2

The thought is so scary that I feel it'll end up having a retire 1 cost tacked on.

Beyond these, expect bonkers things like GB1 Chappie stand trigger and an unflip engine of the gods. The persona flip G Unit, though... that I can't imagine. At all.

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