Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hype train reconvenes

One busy day and you suddenly don't feel like keeping up with the blog at all. Das not nice, life.

The World Grand Prix finals in both WS and VG featured the most ludicrously over the top games  I've ever seen on screen, and in addition to that, GTD03 and GTD04 were being sold, so we finally got to see some of the critical elements of the up and coming G decks that we've been missing. Namely, Amber clones!

Over at Neo Nectar, no one is surprised - this lovely lady requires CB1 when her boosted attack targets the vanguard at GB1 in order to duplicate one of the other units you have in play. You're pretty much only ever going to clone boosters with her, unfortunately.

But Aqua Force's Magnum Assault breaks new ground. With the same GB1 CB1 and boost against VG requirements, and an added once per turn clause, he gets to stand with a bonus 2000 power. This means he's inherently making two meaningful attacks, and much like Tidal Assault, he can activate on any attack count, making him a very real threat, especially in a more critical-oriented deck such as Tetra Drive. Oh, but he has to use his ability the first time the condition is met, or he gets locked out of it. So if you intend to cheese with other standing abilities, be sure you send him into a rear-guard first to get the most of his shenanigans.

Also, the latest episode of Vanguard G featured a glimpse of the assumed RRR G Unit for Aqua Force. Costs aside, it appears to stand your front row rear-guards if it attacks fourth, really driving home the "death by a thousand pokes" strategy. Whether it does anything else (like buff up those units) has yet to be seen, but it's no doubt a powerful asset to the Aqua Force arsenal.

A certain High Tide guy is being kept under wraps, though. Kind of annoying.

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