Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quick fixes from BT06

Headed to the Chicago Team League? Too cheap to buy into a case the day before the event? Haven't done any testing? Never fear, this bird is here to spill the beans on some fairly fast and painless additions you can make to your decks that will make a world of difference to their performance.

Royal Paladin

That shiny new Altmile? Irrelevant! The cards you really need to hunt down are all R and below - Llew, Flogal, and Barcgal. Throwing extra attacks at your opponent works at any stage of the game, and the possibilities only continue to snowball later on with sweeping power-ups such as that of Sanctuary Guard Regalie. Scouting Owl is a pretty neat way to steal games, too.

Shadow Paladin

A single Spectral Blaster will vastly improve anything you have without throwing your dynamic at all. A set of Maul revolutionizes Raging Form/Abyss, and die hard fans of Claret will find his pair of underlings, Graymyu and Abyss Summoner, at common. Oscar and Alsur go a long way as well.

Nova Grappler

Sadly, a bit more weight goes into fleshing out your existing Nova Grappler variants. Kabutron is incredible for all, where Victor improves greatly with the addition of a pair of his G4, 4 soul-in to draw Crits, and sparing numbers of Arbarail and Kumah or Malyaki. Raizers need to become ultra xenophobic in order to benefit at all from their new kit, as do Beast Deities, and they aren't nearly so explosive or consistent as decks comparatively, so I wouldn't recommend them. There aren't enough rear-guards with Rush abilities to build a full deck around the set's secret champion, Crystaldevil. Oh, but if your deck is still a fan of stand triggers, Perfect Referee alongside your existing Energy Girls makes for some nauseating dunk potential.

Pale Moon

You get a variety of new combo-tastic options in this set - Hoop Master into Trapezist while Artillery Man is on your Vanguard Circle has the potential to shut down an opponent's entire turn on the cheap, Dixie works wonders for your existing Silver Thorn deck, and Harri's personal minions... er... have their fringe uses, including automatic 31K lanes with Darkside Princess. Mephisto makes it possible to sport a full Magia G Zone and rewards you for doing so.


Seven Seas gets the cheaper deal by far, with only R and below cards being immediate requirements. Slash Shade, Nightcrow, Wraith Ruler, and Skeleton Cannoneer vastly increase your play options. King Boo is a godsend to any Granblue deck under the sun. And it's probably easy enough to manage a singleton Gast Dragon just about anywhere too.

Neo Nectar

Bust out that Maiden of Legion deck, Rambler and Damascena are utterly nuts. Ahsha suffers heavily for having to buy up an entirely new deck featuring Bloom support.

Cray Elemental

Can your deck recruit Grade 1s easily prior to gen break situations? Rustled by grade 2 stalling? Air Elemental, Twitterun has your back. Retweet: OP is a fag.

If you don't use any of these clans, rejoice with me - we don't have to change anything!

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