Sunday, March 20, 2016

Implying Implications

Oh, boy! Here we go.

It seems the secrecy surrounding the RRs in Fighter's Collection 2016 is finally over. For the most part. We're not getting an official explanation until April 4th. But damn if this isn't a bombshell reveal either way!

Sacred Tree Dragon, Rain Breath Dragon is the first in a new line of cards called G-Guardians. Unlike prior G-Units, G-Guardians do not have printed power and presumably do not have the Stride ability. Instead, as their name implies, they have a new kind of ability that allows you to call them as guardians from your G Zone. They have an inherent shield value of 15000. They also sport a fancy green border for easy identification.

Rain Breath in particular allows the player to call a card from hand to rear-guard, and if they did, Rain Breath gains an additional 5000 shield.

While the conditions surrounding the use of G-Guardians are still a total mystery, it appears as though the generic cost of using them is discarding a card with a Heal Trigger, further reinforcing the importance of playing four.

So what does this mean for the game?

It's definitely another option we'll be glad to have! The base effect generated by doubling the shield value of one, maybe two cards in a given game is somewhat difficult to gauge. However, since 31K rear-guards are still rather rare, I imagine G-Guardians will go the distance in making sure you don't have to drop four cards from your hand on rear-guard swings nearly as often as you do right now.

G-Guardians also provide a significant nerf to guard restriction effects since they aren't called from the hand. They won't hold up against easily repeatable instances of it, but having outs where you might not have had any before is really nice.

I can also think of numerous decks (mostly of the Legion-centric variety) that never come anywhere close to using all of their G-Units in a game, so having G-Guardians as a more practical means to fill space will be a significant boon to those decks. Could we see a resurgence of DOTX? Thing Saver? Raizers? Musketeers? The sky is the limit as far as I'm concerned.

And if it were possible to use a G-Guardian as soon as both players hit G3? Just think of how dramatically that would impact how people play! No longer would the first stride be met without recourse - you'd have to deal with your opponent's GB2 units right out of the gate if they came across a heal to drop in time. It's the ultimate motivation for riding.

We'll just have to wait and see what the final verdict is.


  1. I'd like to correct you on one of your points.

    If G-Guardians can be used when both players hit grade 3, GB2 units cannot be used as they count the amount of G-units in the G-Zone, not the amount of face-up cards.

    It does however work with cards like Lambros and Root Flare, however.

    1. Refer to the screenshot; to the left of the card name, you can see the unit type box, which says "G-Unit" like cards prior.

      G-Guardians are just a subtype of G-Unit.

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