Sunday, September 9, 2012

Neonectar - Identity get!

And damn is that identity scary. No longer are they paladins lite, but a truly terrifying growth theme that's more flexible than it seems. Of course, I'm referring to the Arboros Dragon ride chain. The Musketeers, while neat and highly resilient, come up short on power for virtually the whole game.

When Sephirot pops out in his full glory, however, little stands in your way. The ride chain, having cloned two extremely solid units along the way paves the way for the limit break from hell that turns every column into a crossride-slaying behemoth. At its best, the deck can achieve 26K rear-guard columns without triggers. SURE IS NICE.

Sephirot manages okay even if it misses the chain, too, because of those CB2 draw 1 grade 2s and Lady of Kamorebi pooling together the best cards you can muster. Eventually your field is going to have some same-named units on it and hit those large numbers, albeit not as quickly.