Monday, August 13, 2012

Picture It! Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi pt. 2

Whew, feels nice when I can just play games without explaining anything or being asked what my static power levels are every turn...

Anyway! There's plenty more ground to cover in regard to Tsukuyomi. This time it's all about possible card choices for the deck. Four copies of each Tsukuyomi is implied. Spoilers! Japanese-only cards included!

Grade 0

Psychic Bird

A core element of any <<Oracle Think Tank>> deck, but it's imperative to be aware of all the possibilities it offers. It's a critical trigger. Awesome. It adds to the soul. Awesome. It replaces itself. Awesome. It helps arrive at the bottom cards in a more timely fashion. Awesome. It has 10000 shield. Awesome. But wait, there's more! Anytime a card skill presents the option of viewing the top card of the deck and leaving it on the top of the deck, Psychic Bird can sweep up said card. Awesome. It can boost. What?! It's true, and the brilliant part about using Psychic Bird to boost is that it can leave the field at any time it's no longer helpful. Awesome!!!

Seriously. This card is the ultimate Swiss-army knife. Its flexible to the point I enjoy seeing one in the opening hand and am inclined to keep it when I go to redraw.

Lozenge Magus/Sphere Magus

Not that anyone in their right mind wouldn't be using these, but skills on triggers lead to shenanigans. The most frequent use of the card will, of course, be in guarding - 10000 shield is awesome like that. Every now and again, however, a player might need to shuffle their deck. It may be due to most copies of a necessary moon phase landing on the bottom of the deck/in the soul/in damage, or it could just be that a game isn't going to last long enough to make any proper investment in reaching that amazing stack of cards. One more thing! She fattens your deck. If the threat of decking out becomes real, this provides some breathing room.

Emergency Alarmer

The mention of this may seem like I'm smoking the good stuff, but a predetermined stand trigger is going to win the late game, especially with Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime sitting pretty on the field. When it pops up, an effective 10000 power is added to the field; 5000 from the inherent boost, and 5000 from the additional attack.

Not super practical early on, as usual... a novel concept, though.

Other Triggers

Well, they have to be there. Crits are preferred since Tsukuyomi is not a fast deck, and their key rear-guards really drive the effects home.

Little Witch, LuLu

What. Think about it. Full Moon's got a lot of leftover soul once her drawing job is done. Slot in LuLu via that skill, and she'll pop out with a re-ride of CEO later. Hilarious as a counterattack against Kagero, though obviously it's just for the giggles if there's nothing else to use in the deck (which I don't find to be the case).

Battle Sister, Eclair

The only other means <<Oracle Think Tank>> has to shuffle their deck, and if push comes to shove it can yield a necessary G3 as well. I only recommend this to players who like the deck but believe themselves to be godawful at playing the memory game and need some added security.

Grade 1

Oracle Guardian, Gemini

Staple. The most potent booster the deck has, and the ideal ride for grade 1 if forced to pass on the Crescent Moon.

Oracle Guardian, Blue Eye

For the stack fanatics. Blue Eye offers a beeline route to the bottom of the deck faster than anything else, but it sits at a sad 5000 power that can only be placed behind a select few cards while serving as an effective boost. It doesn't sit well behind a Vanguard CEO, and its skill is mandatory as long as its condition is met, which can at times do more harm than good. Takes extreme finesse.

Battle Sister, Cocoa

This is a fun one. While 6000 power can be considered lacking, especially in the Japanese format, her skill is incredibly useful at almost any stage of the game. Accelerate the deck, set up that necessary trigger to be checked, set up that necessary card to be drawn, or even soul charged! Misaki's little trick of placing Crescent Moon on the top to be lined up with Red Eye isn't out of the question.

Battle Sister, Chocolat

Always run four. An ironclad defense lends itself to victory many a time, and if it's not necessary for that purpose, it's still a passable booster.

Battle Sister, Vanilla

Cute tech, in particular for the mirror match since she skates around Silent Tom's usual forcing of two cards.

Battle Sister, Maple

Amusing if nothing else. When Grade 2s run low in the late game, move her to the front and continue beating face. Not so bad really early on, either. Mid game, largely lackluster.

Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist

Too situational. Go die in a fire. 8|
Okay, that's needlessly harsh. <<Oracle Think Tank>>, generally speaking, has a weak early game. This deck has a particular weakness to vanilla beaters when taking the second turn, and Miss Mist can offer some relief from that hell if she comes up. Boost or normally guard with it at any other point in the game.

Luck Bird

A possible one-of that can be effective in a way similar to LuLu, minus having to re-ride. Avoid the skill like the plague at any point it would cause less than six soul to exist, unless all counterblasts have been consumed.

Circle Magus

Half a Cocoa with 1000 more power to compensate. Does it work? I personally don't think so, but to each his own.

Petal Fairy

Solid card in certain setups. Deck acceleration and picking the contents of the hand are always nice, though Kagero and Narukami match-ups can become difficult if cards are just pitched willy-nilly. I personally don't like my cards to be dead in any given match-up, so I've given it a pass for the time being.

Moonsault Swallow

This is a gimmick at best. I don't hate the little 'hit and run' concept since it allows for attacks early without ruining a long term field setup. However, running into a damage trigger can stop that idea dead in its tracks.

White Rabbit of Inaba

Ahahahahahaha. No. While fixing the Full Moon's power is very important when it falls short, Inaba is forcing the player to lose out on card presence when they could just load up the soul through other means and have the Full Moon jam her mini-mes into the soul more naturally. It's pretty cute, at least. x)

Dark Cat

An ill omen. For the opponent.

Many players dislike using Dark Cat on the basis of it handing the opponent a card. Well, fair enough, but that so-called 'problem' proves to be largely baseless in actual game play. 

Since this card is played during one's own turn, they have first dibs on playing whatever card they draw. If said card can result in the opponent guarding at any point in the turn, directly or indirectly, then the opponent's draw was just negated in terms of the overall complexity of the game state. Cat's player also retains an advantage throughout the entirety of the game thanks to their additional booster, attacker, or so forth sticking around for an extended amount of time. Additionally, since Dark Cat is grade 1, it's speeding up the otherwise underwhelming early game Oracles have when it's not present. To top it all off? A respectable 7000 power. Actually, I lied, the real icing on the cake is the ability to call it late in the game to land on one's bottom cards with pinpoint precision.

I'll admit, it's an easy card to misplay, but that lies on the would-be user...

Weather Girl, Milk

HULK SMASH! Milk brings raw power to the table, allowing Full Moon to swing for 21 and CEO to swing for 24 (relevant in a crossride meta). I can't exactly deny the worth of having all three columns providing significant pressure, and this is the best path for the center line to do so.

Holy crap. It's nearly midnight, and I'm exhausted. Underestimating the extensiveness of the card pool FOR THE WIN. I'll pick up on the high-end grades tomorrow.

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