Sunday, May 27, 2012

Survey Says...

It's pretty legit for not even being done. I can only imagine what the rest of BT07 will do for CoCo.

Grade 0 (17)

1 Little Witch, LuLu
4 Lozenge Magus
4 Psychic Bird
4 Battle Sister, Ginger
4 Victory Maker

Grade 1 (14)

4 Oracle Guardian, Gemini
4 Circle Magus
4 Battle Sister, Chocolat
2 Battle Sister, Cocoa

Grade 2 (12)

4 Oracle Guardian, Wiseman
4 Promise Daughter
2 Battle Sister, Mocha
2 Silent Tom

Grade 3 (7)

3 Scarlet Witch, CoCo
3 Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya
1 Meteobreak Wizard

Kinda worried about the English release schedule when it comes to this build, though. Where is TD03? Where is EB01? Where will Circle Magus end up? It's a nightmare, but when everything makes its way over, we've got a decently affordable and terrifying deck on our hands.

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